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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Learn Spanish site!

It has been my goal to create a site that would help you learn new Spanish words easily. There are 40 learning topics to choose from with over 1,400 Spanish words and phrases. Additional topics may be added in the future.

The site is very easy to use:

  • Click to choose a menu language
    ( English to Spanish or Spanish Only )
  • Click to choose a topic
  • Scroll up and down to view the words
  • Click on a word to hear the word (make sure your speakers are turned on)
  • Use the print button to print the word / phrase you are viewing
  • If you would like to print all the words of a topic Click Here

If you see a blank page instead of the language menu when you first enter the site, your browser may have a very old version of flash installed. The site requires at least flash version 7 (free) installed. Also: Java Script needs to be on (default) in your browser

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Your feedback and comments about the site are very welcome! Send them to me (in English) at http://www.replytoben.com

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Enjoy your visit and have a great day.

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